New 19-pin connector on iPhone 5 set to send accessory market into a spin

Based on the latest leaks it looks like Apple has more than just screen size and material changes planned for the iPhone 5, including a new and much smaller 19-pin dock connector, guaranteed to send the accessory market into a spin and likely annoy just a few consumers as well.

iPhone 5 rendering displaying a possible smaller dock connector

According to a recent Techcrunch post, 3 different sources in the manufacturing chain has ‘confirmed’ the new 19-pin dock connector to go along with leaked images of iPhone cases with a much smaller opening at the bottom.

This however is not the first time we hear about Apple possibly replacing the current 30-pin dock connector for their iPod and iOS devices, going for a smaller version to save space. As more and more features gets packed into a smaller and thinner package, it is natural that some elements need to be rethinked and reworked, including the pin connector. At the same time it is no surprise that unlike the rest of the industry that are using the Micro USB, Apple is going with their own proprietary technology.

For the accessory market this obviously creates both headache and new opportunities as Apple customers eager to upgrade to the next iPhone will potentially need to upgrade their speaker docks and in-car chargers etc. Like always, until something is actually confirmed by Apple, it remains a rumor, although a fairly hot rumor.

If you are currently considering investing in an iOS compatible audio system, it might be a good idea to go with an AirPlay friendly system, such as one of these AirPlay speakers and audio systems. After all, it is not likely that Apple will make their own wireless streaming technology redundant in the near future.

[source: Techcrunch via iMore]


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