iPhone 4S with bluetooth 4.0 – a world of opportunities

Apple used plenty of time yesterday to present many of the new features of the iPhone 4S, including the new improved camera and of course the Siri voice Assistant system. One of the features that have popped up on the spec sheet that was left out from the presentation could however prove to be among the more useful; Bluetooth 4.0.

iPhone 4S with bluetooth 4.0

The new Bluetooth 4.0 technology boast some great improvements in terms of reach (up to 50 meters) and in terms of power consumption, which for a smartphone is extremely important as battery life is already an issue. MacBook Airs and Mac Minis are already equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 so it could mean that the iPhone 4S will be able to connect with these devices from up to 50 meters.

Where it get really interesting however is when it comes the possible accessories and apps using the service. For bluetooth wireless headphones it could mean improved battery life, same goes for bluetooth wireless speakers. Pedometers and other fitness accessories could easily transmit a lot more information to your iPhone without worrying about battery issues, safety procedures could be set up that set off alarms should your iPhone 4S disappear out of reach too quickly. The opportunities could be close to limitless, as long as Apple opens up the use of bluetooth 4.0 for full use.

I look forward to see what great accessories might come out of this feature.

[source: Apple via CultofMac]


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