iPhone 4s makes an inventory appearance + the 8gb iPhone 4

Along with the likely white iPod Touch model SKUs found in Apple inventory systems there was also references to two new iPhone 4 models, which is likely the 8gb iPhone 4 in black and white, with the codename N90A. Where it gets really interesting however is that the new iPhone, referenced as N94, has found its way into the system as well, and it shares model number with the leaked iPhone 4S product label that came out of China the other day. Is this the confirmation that the new iPhone will be the iPhone 4S?

Chinese iPhone 4S label

It is sources in contact with 9to5mac that has broken this story today. Besides establishing a possible link between the unconfirmed iPhone 4s product label out of China with the label MD239 and a possible MD234 for the 32gb version, there is confirmation that the new iPhone will feature the dual-core A5 processor, and very likely a new 8-megapixel camera, 1GB of RAM, and the rumored Assistant voice feature.

If the iPhone 4S label out of China proves to be real, it also includes signs that the new iPhone will support both GSM+CDMA with the labels IMEI and MEID appearing together on the label.

Sounds like we could be in for an interesting event on Tuesday 4th October.


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