iPhone 4G rumored for Q2 launch with dual core processor and front facing camera

The rumor mill around the iPhone 4G has definitely picked up after new year as we have already reported on rumors that the new upgraded iPhone 4G will include 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and likely to offer a limited multitasking through background processing of apps. However in the past 24 hours more rumors have surfaced, including a pre June launch featuring dual core processor and forward facing camera for video calls.

These latest rumors around the iPhone 4G comes courtesy of amongst other sources in Korea, claiming to have their information from sources within Apple themselves that the iPhone 4G will feature double the battery life as the current iPhone 3GS, and have two camera modules, including a forward facing camera for use with video calling.

There is also talk about the iPhone 4G featuring OLED display with a higher resolution to better compete with the 480×800 displays of the many Android handsets. The current iPhone 3GS features a 320×480 display, and if the rumors are true that they are looking to bring mobile TV services to the next iPhone then a larger screen resolution will be of importance, as well as the improved picture of the OLED screen.

Speaking of improved battery life, the rumors also talk about Apple bringing out a replaceable battery, contrary to what has been Apple policy all along, and one of the rumors i find less likely to come true, even if we all are secretly hoping it will happen.

A dual core processor is also important as it will improve the processing speed of the handset and allow for improved graphics for the iPhone 4G, a great feature for both gaming and watching video content on the iPhone.

Interestingly enough though, the latest rumors indicate that the iPhone 4G is not likely to have support for a 4G network, but again, these are very much rumors at this stage so should all be taken with a pinch of salt.


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