4th generation iPhone 4G rumour central: iPhone 4 announced

Apple has now officially announced and presented the world with the Apple iPhone 4 at the WWDC 2010 and we have had a look at all the iPhone 4 features; what is new and what has been delivered as expected based on all the rumours that we have kept you up to date on in this article.

You can still see and read all the rumours around the 4th generation iPhone below.

Latest news and rumours – iPhone 4 parts caught on videoToday we came across two videos posted on iPhone Portugal blog that appear to be videos of parts for the iPhone 4G / iPhone HD. According to the site they purchased the frames from China, so we are not talking about another “lost” iPhone 4 prototype like the one that Gizmodo got their hands on a while back.

Since we are talking about frames for the iPhone 4 it is difficult to say if we are talking about the real deal on these videos, but the similarity with the earlier prototype leads many experts around the web to lean towards this being the real deal.

You can see the iPhone 4 frame videos here.

iPhone 4 ready for shipment

According to the latest rumours the 4th generation iPhone HD is being prepared for shipment in June, with an expected 24 million units to ship in 2010.

The same sources also talks about a 4th gen iPhone HD with double the RAM to 512mb and a 960×640 screen resolution. Improved battery life is also expected as the screen is made thinner to provide more space for a larger battery.

It is also rumoured that the 4th generation iPhone HD will be made available with a white front panel, another first for the iPhone that until has only been available with a white back panel.

Images of prototype iPhone 4th generation

Someone was lucky enough to stumble across what seems so far to be a genuine iPhone 4th generation prototype, featuring a new and interesting design, a forward facing camera as well as an improved regular camera with LED Flash, and a smaller screen with a much improved resolution.

So why do so many believe this is the genuine thing? Well, it has got a distinct Apple finish to it, and it is packed with components marked with Apple. When connected to a computer, even iTunes identify it as an iPhone, and apparently Apple has reported a prototype lost and would like it back asap.

Read more and see the images of iPhone 4th generation prototype

Cheapest iPhone to date

Analysts from Morgan Stanley has also started to show interest in what could be next for the Apple iPhone, predicting that the 4th generation iPhone 4G could be the cheapest to date in terms of overall cost ownership (cost of handset, mobile contract, and usage) and feature the latest technology.

It is expected that the iPhone 4G will be cheaper to operate to both secure increased penetration in mature markets in the US and UK, as well as seeking to increase penetration in the important markets in the east, including the Chinese market.

Find out more about iPhone 4G being cheapest iPhone to date.

Video calling coming to iPhone 4G

The new iPhone 3.2 SDK has been dissected and some of the findings indicate that Apple is preparing future devices, including the iPhone 4G for possible video calling.

The icons and information found in the new SDK are good news for all those that have been longing for video calling and video chatting capabilities on their favourite Apple gadgets, including the iPhone and the new Apple iPad. Again, these are just findings and who knows when compatible devices will be made available, but it is a good sign at least.

References to iPhone 4G found in 3.2 SDK

According to recent revelations by Engadget, there are references to a device with the code N89, which is believed to be the 4th generation iPhone 4G, in the recently released iPhone 3.2 SDK and the firmware 3.1.3 upgrade that has come in the wake of the Apple iPad launch. Earlier versions of the iPhone has been referenced as N82 and N88.

At the moment this rumour does not reveal anything new about the features and technical specs of the iPhone 4G itself, but it possibly confirms what is expected to be a mid-year launch of what Steve Jobs have referred to as a “Grade A+ upgrade” for the iPhone.

The same firmware upgrade also had references to what is believed to be the 4th generation iPod Touch G4 with code name N80.

iPhone 4G to feature Apple A4 chip

In the aftermath of the Apple iPad launch there has been many rumours that the iPhone 4G will receive the same fast Apple A4 chip that was revelaed in the iPad. If this is the case it should based on reports significantly increase the speed of the iPhone as well as potentially improve battery life, both of which is very welcomed improvements from the iPhone community.

Magic Mouse touch sensitive casing

According to a Goldman Sachs analyst the iPhone 4G will have a Magic Mouse like casing, meaning the device will have a new plastic touch-sensitive casing. There are many that believe that after 3 years the iPhone is ready for a more extensive design upgrade, although we do believe that Apple will not be looking to change the iPhone too much. Then again Apple is known for pushing the boundaries for design and usability, usually in a positive direction, so it will be very interesting to see what they might do with the coming iPhone 4G in terms of design upgrades. We believe that we could at least expect to see a slimmer and ligher iPhone 4G.

Release date for iPhone 4G

It is rumoured that the iPhone 4G could see a release as early as May or June this year, while it is still expected that the unit will be officially announced at the WWDC this coming summer, just like the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS was announced around that time, and we know that Apple likes to stick to their upgrade schedule.

Doubled battery life, OLED screen, and dual core processor

With more competitors launching in the last few months, not to mention recently with the Google Nexus One, it is expected that Apple will be including a better OLED based screen with a higher resolution on the iPhone 4G. The current iPhone 3GS features a 320×480 display, while it is becoming more and more common for smartphones/superphones to feature 480×800 displays.

Putting a dual core processor into the iPhone 4G would also improve processing speed, and allow for more efficient use and process handling, something that again could result in improved battery life, which is an issue with the current iPhone models. It is rumoured that the device might have double the battery life of the current iPhone, and possibly even a replaceable battery, although we don’t quite believe it until we see it knowing Apple’s track record in that area.

5 megapixel camera, LED flash, and video calling

An improved camera is pretty much given for the iPhone 4G as the current models are some way behind many of the competitors in that area already. With the rumors that the iPhone 4G will feature a 5 megapixel camera, same as the Google Nexus One, comes also the rumours that it will feature LED flash following news that Apple is looking to buy a lot of LED flash camera components.

Perhaps even more interesting are the rumours that it will not only feature an improved 5 megapixel camera, but that it will also get a forward facing camera for video calling, possibly a camera similar to what is currently used on the 5th generation iPod Nano. Video calling is big in the Asian market, an area where the iPhone has serious competition from amongst other Samsung.

Multitasking with background app processing

This is a feature that many were expecting with the launch of the iPhone 3GS but that just did not happen. Now the topic has resurfaced with rumors that Apple has finally been able to crack the issue and will be able to at least offer limited multitasking for selected apps and features. The importance of multitasking for iPhone 4G can amongst other be seen by how the Palm Pre has been focusing on this feature in their advertising, targeting the iPhone especially.


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4 Responses to "4th generation iPhone 4G rumour central: iPhone 4 announced"

  1. My 1st impressions of the iPad are largely positive. Apple has once again built a product that looks good and feels great in the hand, and the familiar user interface, borrowed from the iPhone and iPod touch, is perfectly suited to the bigger screen. The iPad whizzes along, opening applications, re-sizing web pages, and zooming in and out of maps almost instantaneously. Does someone know the release date? i love it and i want it…

  2. Mike says:

    480×800 what???!!!!!!! That’s huge it won’t fit in ur pocket
    the width of it would be the length of the iPhone now!!!!!

  3. Tyler says:

    So whatreally is happening is that that the iPhone 4th generation is really just going to be a software or firm ware update because in reality the iPhone is already bulky but amazing putting a higher Megipixel camera and higher resolution screen the battery isn’t gonna last but if the romur is true about a new longer lasting battery it’s going to be a bigger battery than what’s already on it so the ipone is going to be a little but more thick well with the camera a lot more thick. My opinion is they tried to make a new iPhone and ended up with the ipad. The ipad is great no lie works better than a new Dell but anyway the new iPhone is probly going to be more pretty. I think a new camera isn’t nessasary but sharpening and smoothing out certain areas within the os system which means the unlock slider and keys on the qwerty keyboard will look more pretty and mire acurate and an updated dictionary for autofill and color swat he’s for your liking so for the general black and blue it would be like red and green just saying. But hopefully the phone doesn’t turn into a disaster just to try to keep ahead of the game. My opinion apple is already ahead is ahead if the game all they have to worry about is the droid and still no competion iPhone is an iPhone so thanks for reading later fans!

  4. I have been reading the articles on this website for the first time. This is my first comment. Your blog has been very useful for me and it provides very good content.

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