iPhone 4G rumored to be cheapest iPhone to date

Although the rumor mill has been going for a while already for the iPhone 4G, expected to hit markets in June this year, now the market analysts are starting to contribute as well, hinting at better technology and cheaper prices for the coming iPhone 4G.

A Morgan Stanley analyst is the latest to state their expectations for the iPhone 4G, presenting what they see as an lower cost of ownership model that includes improved technology. Their view is that Apple will need to lower the overall cost of ownership for the Apple iPhone to create incremental demand in mature markets in US and Europe, as well as increase penetration in important markets such as China.

iPhone 4G concept from ADR StudioThere is also talk about gesture based technology, utilizing the camera on the iPhone to control things such as incoming calls or browse webpages. This is by many expected to be important elements in the mobile technology of the future.

Here is also the latest concept photo of what the iPhone 4G could look like from ADR Studio in Italy, where Antonio De Rosa is sharing his views and dreams for the 4th generation iPhone. Hopefully the people at Apple will draw a bit of inspiration from these nice designs as well, although they have done quite well so far themselves.


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