iPhone 4G news and rumors surface – iPhone 3.1

There is nothing like making Christmas customers more confused as they are getting ready to buy the iPhone 3GS then to surface news and rumors about the 4th generation iPhone. According to TiPb online the 4th generation iPhone dubbed as iPhone 3.1 is being tested in the San Francisco area as we speak.

Now for those of you that might wonder whether or not to get the iPhone 3GS for xmas, the fourth generation iPhone is not expected at least until mid summer 2010, probably to coincide with the Worldwide Developers Conference, which this year saw the launch of the iPhone 3GS, so unless you have the patience to wait for at least 7 months i would still go ahead and get the current iPhone 3GS.

As for the 4th generation iPhone, or iPhone 3.1 as it is referred to in the hardware systems, there is very little information actually available at this stage. A big question mark remains around if it will be a true iPhone 4G by offering access to the 4G mobile network. The current rumors have surfaced based on the device name iPhone 3.1 surfacing in testing the BART system, which is an app guide to the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system. The current iPhone 3GS is referred to as iPhone 2.1, so we are clearly working with a brand new iPhone.

Another important question around the 4th generation iPhone is if it will be Verizon compatible, which would coincide nicely with the rumored end to the AT&T exclusivity in July next year. Rumors suggest that it will be “Verizon ready”, and that it will also feature the new Broadcom BCM4329 wireless chipset, that is both 802.11N compatible and can provide access to 5GHz networks. This new chipset also include functionality for transmitting and receiving FM radio, something that could also be a dormant feature of the current iPhone 3GS (see our earlier article on FM radio coming to iPhone 3GS).

With any upgraded iPhone or iPod comes a myriad of rumors, and for the iPhone 4G many are wondering if it will also bring HD to the iPhone, and the more energy efficient OLED screens that some competitors are starting to release. An iPhone HD would also indicate that Apple might have worked out the issue with screen resolution and their 85,000+ apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, an issue that first surfaced when the rumors started about the Apple Tablet, which is expected sometime next year as well, featuring a 9inch+ screen size.

For those of us that currently are enjoying our iPhone 3GS, lets hope the networks are reasonable when it comes to upgrading to the iPhone 4G before the end of our mobile contracts!

We will be back with more information on the 4th generation iPhone rumors as and when it happens.


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