Monday 14th for UK iPhone 4 prices to be announced

It has been almost a week now since Apple announced the iPhone 4 and UK consumers are still waiting to find out how much of a hole the new iPhone 4 is going to be digging into their wallets and piggy-banks. Geeky Gadgets are now reporting that Monday the 14th June is the big day when the networks announce their UK iPhone 4 prices.

Many have raised the question why the networks have been taking this long to announce the iPhone 4 UK prices given that Apple announced the US prices on the day of the launch. There are speculations that it is because in the US there is only AT&T selling the iPhone at the moment, while in the UK we now have at least 5 networks to offer the iPhone 4, making any price decitions even more critical for the networks to be competitive.

If it turns out that all the networks announce pretty much similar prices and tariffs, taking O2′s announced iPhone 4 tariffs as a benchmark, i’m sure there will be many crying out for an independent review into possible price agreements between the networks. At the moment i would find that very unlikely, but i would not put it past them as the margins on the iPhone is thight (unless you are Apple that is). The whole idea behind having multiple networks offering the iPhone is to make sure that the consumer gets the best possible offer, avoiding any monopoly or duopoly situation where the control sits purely with the networks (and Apple).

I would not expect the iPhone 4 UK price and tariffs between the networks to differ a lot though, given that network margins are thight, and they don’t really make any money on the iPhone until late in the contract period.

For the many of us that are currently tied into a contract with the last iPhone 3GS, only O2 have confirmed an early iPhone 4 upgrade offer for existing customers yet, and we need to see what the prices and tariffs will be from the other networks before we can make any sound decision on best approach for getting our hands on the iPhone 4 at launch.

Unless you have a relative, friend, or partner waiting to inherit your current iPhone, it might be worth checking out some of the different mobile phone recycling schemes, as you might still be able to get some good money for your current iPhone to help offset the cost of the Apple iPhone 4.  We have had a quick look at some of the mobile recycling schemes in the UK and here is what you can currently get for your iPhone 3G/3GS:

  • iPhone 3GS 32GB – £283 – money4mymobile.com
  • iPhone 3GS 16GB – £246 – cashinmyfone
  • iPhone 3G 16GB – £205 – money4mymobile.com

These recycling prices are based on information from mobile phone recycling comparison site SellMyMobile.com

To ensure you can make the best decision possible when the iPhone 4 prices get announced on Monday 14th June, we have created an iPhone 4 UK buying guide that includes prices, tariffs, and information about the iPhone 4 in general that we hope you will find useful.


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