iPhone 4 speakers guide: Find the right speakers for iPhone 4

With the launch of the much awaited iPhone 4 across main markets worldwide we have received a fair amount of questions from iPhone and iPod owners wondering if their current accessories, including their speaker docks, will be compatible with the new iPhone 4 – and the good news is that so far it looks like there is a match in most cases.

If you currently own an iPhone speaker dock or iPhone compatible sound system that works with the iPhone 3G it is very likely that it will work just as well with the new iPhone 4 as well. The safest option is always to look for the compatible with iPhone mark on the docking station/sound system that you want to buy, and make sure that it has GSM shielding if you want to avoid having to put your iPhone in flight mode to avoid disturbance when playing your music.

More and more of the latest iPhone speakers will have GSM shielding, but many of the older models will not so it might be worth checking your current system, and perhaps consider to upgrade if there are  any issues.

In our book important factors to consider before buying speakers for iPhone 4 would be:

What will you be using your iPhone 4 speaker dock for and do you already own a sound system?

What type of docking station/sound system you need will depend on what you will use it for. If you are looking for a portable system to take with you to the park or the beach etc. you might struggle to find one with GSM shielding, but there are plenty of cheaper portable speaker docks to consider.

If you are  looking for a mid price system to use at home or perhaps at the office, then there are a few to choose from that provide good value for money, including these:

If you are after a more complete sound system to complement your home and your music listening habits, then you might want to go up a price range or two and start looking at some of the high end iPhone compatible sound systems, including these:

See our reviews of iPhone speakers here.

If you already own a sound system, perhaps with separate amplifier units etc. then you might want to consider just getting a docking station for your iPhone 4 that you can easily connect with the rest of your system.

Is GSM shielding important for your iPhone 4 sound system?

GSM shielding will allow you to play music from your iPhone 4 while docked without having to worry about cell network disturbance while still being able to receive phone calls. Speaker docks without GSM shielding can often pick up disturbance that can disrupt your listening pleasure, unless you put your iPhone 4 into flight mode, in which case you will not be able to receive calls or messages.

If you are not too bothered about not being able to receive calls or messages while your iPhone 4 is docked, then you can safely look at a wider range of iPod speaker docks that will also be iPhone compatible. Take a look at our main iPod speakers review page for some ideas.

You usually get what you pay for – read reviews!

We have found that when it comes to iPhone speaker docks you usually get what you pay for (there are always exceptions), especially when it comes to the higher end of the market.

There are many brands operating in the iPhone 4 speaker dock market, and some of them will be more familiar to you than others. A well known brand does not always mean that you get top quality or value for money.

We suggest that once you have come up with a shortlist of speakers for iPhone 4 fulfilling your requirements, read a few independent reviews and make comparisons between the systems to ensure that you get the one that provides you with the best value for money.

We hope you have found this little guide valuable and wish you all the best with the search for your next iPhone 4 speaker dock or sound system.


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  1. Rich S says:

    I have been trying to get a comarison between the sony rdp-x80 and the bose ipod dock. any ideas

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