Apple iPhone 4: 1.7 million sold in 3 days

If there was anything like the Year of the Apple then this year might just be it as Apple seems to go from strenght to strenght following the announcement that they have sold 1.7 million of the iPhone 4 in the opening weekend (first 3 days).

iPhone 4According to Steve Jobs himself this makes the iPhone 4 launch the “most successful product launch in Apple’s history”, and who are we to argue. The fact that this impressive sales figure comes of the back of impressive early sales figures for the Apple iPad which launched just two months earlier, makes me think that there are a lot of people out there that has spent their hard earned money on Apple products in the last few months.

There are very few other companies, brands, or products in the marketplace that can evoke the same behaviour in us humans as these tech gadgets from Apple. To understand that all you would have to do is have been close to a mobile phone store on the 24th June with people queuing from the early hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new jewel in Apple’s crown; the iPhone 4.

With the mobile phone networks also wanting their share of the cake, iPhone 4 prices and tariffs have been higher than most of us hoped for, but that does not seem to have stopped people from buying the iPhone 4 in the countries where it has already launched. Come to think of it, if you wanted to get the best deal possible on your iPhone 4, perhaps you should have put some savings into Apple shares, which seem to go from strenght to strength as well, ensuring the happiness of the Apple shareholders.

The first few days of the iPhone 4 has not been all positive though, with lots of reports of signal issues depending on how you hold the iPhone in your hand, discoloring of the screen, and for those with bigger budgets than we have who have also tested the durability of the iPhone 4 by dropping it several times, the glass surfaces at the front and back seem to scratch or crack fairly easy.

But are any of the issues above going to stop the majority of us from buying the iPhone 4? Not likely. It seems Apple has built themselves into a unique position that most companies would envy them, a position where their loyal fan base adopts their products as early as possible, even if there are issues with them.

So what is next on the development list for Apple? In the words of Jay-Z “on to the next one” which is likely to be the 4th generation iPod Touch. September is usually iPod time for Apple, so we are keeping a close eye on the iPod Touch, and it will especially be interesting to see if Apple brings features from iPhone and iPad to iPod Touch 4.


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