iPhone 4G to have close to HD screen resolution

If we are to believe the latest reports, someone has gotten their hands on the iPhone 4G prototype and put the screen under a microscope to count pixels. The result is confirmation that the 4th generation iPhone will feature 960×640 screen resolution, close to 720p HD.

Rumours about improved screen resolution surfaced before the now famous lost iPhone 4G prototype that Gizmodo got their hands on for a short period of time, before the Apple police confiscated it and brought it safely back to HQ. The 4th generation iPhone has therefore also gone under the name iPhone HD in reference to the improved screen resolution.

Image of iPhone 4 prototype

If the reported 960×640 screen resolution is true we are looking at a quadruple improvement over the current iPhone 3GS.

Watching videos and gaming does look quite good on the current screen and resolution as well, but with a close to HD resolution it will take the iPhone as an entertainment platform as well as a mobile phone to the next level.

Now all we have to do is wait until June 7th when Steve Jobs takes the stage to announce the iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010. In the meantime why not check out all the other 4th generation iPhone rumours here.


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