Next generation iPhone 4 surfaces in Vietnam (with images)

A few weeks after the next generation iPhone 4, or iPhone HD prototype surfaced at a bar in the US before being purchased and dissected by Gizmodo, a new similar iPhone 4 prototype has found its way to Vietnam and the people at Taoviet.

next generation iPhone 4 prototype surfaces in Vietnam

Based on the images they have provided of the iPhone 4 prototype they have been able to get their hands on, it is very similar to the Gizmodo one, with some minor changes. This leads us to think that these prototypes are not far away from the actual next generation iPhone likely to be announced at this June’s WWDC in San Francisco.

Once again they were able to dissect the iPhone 4 prototype before Apple could send their “protection squad” to retain it, revealing amongst other a Apple branded processor and a tag displaying the text “n90” which is rumoured to be the codename for Apple’s next GSM iPhone.

iPhone 4 prototype in Vietnam unscrewed

We will continue to report on this latest development as more information becomes available.


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  1. Conal Duffy says:

    Wow cool

    Like it very much i love apple


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