iPhone 4 – Breakdown of features

Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC today and announced what everyone was expecting and waiting for; the new iPhone 4. Meantime i was in Manchester, UK on my way to see Jay Z in concert, keeping track of the event through twitter. Having had a chance to catch up with todays big event i thought i would share with you what the new iPhone 4 is all about.

the new Apple iPhone 4

Apple delivered on most of the rumoured iPhone 4 features leading up to this event, so among the hardened Apple fans and bloggers out there, the news and features of the iPhone 4 came with few surprises. That however does not make it any less impressive.

iPhone 4 Design

For those of you that have seen the images of the iPhone 4 prototype that got lost at a bar, you will recognize the new iPhone 4 as it is more or less exactly the same. Hence also the comments from Steve Jobs around the design of the iPhone probably not coming as a surprise to anyone.

iPhone 4 front and sideviewApple has delivered a sleak looking iPhone that is made of black glass at the front and the back, with a stainless steel rim, creating an iPhone that is design wise in line with Apple’s other products, including the iPad. The stainless steel rim actually has a function other than looking great, as it acts as part of the 3G and WiFi antenna.

The iPhone 4 is also smaller than previous models as Apple has been able to shave off an impressive 34% on the thickness of the iPhone 4 compared to the iPhone 3GS. The exact measures of the iPhone 4 is 4.5 x 2.31 inches, and 0.37 inches thick, weighting in at an impressive 4.8 ounces, or 137 grams. For its features this is a very minimalistic and lightweight super-phone.

960 x 640 resolution Retina display

As rumoured Apple has delivered an improved screen that has a 960 x 640 resolution thanks to what Apple refers to as Retina Display. The screen itself is 3.5 inches, but the resolution has mentioned is 4 times better than on the current iPhone. There are an impressive 326 pixels per inch, taking it close to what the human eye can distinct.

The improved screen and resolution is good news for everyone as it means that you as a user will get sharper text and graphics, and for developers it presents an opportunity to deliver even better looking apps in terms of graphic and 3D experience.

5 megapixel camera with LED flash + forward facing camera + HD video

As expected Apple has improved the camera for the iPhone 4 putting in a 5 megapixel camera at the back of the phone with LED flash. What is good news about the camera is that it has a higher sensitivity to light, meaning that it will take better pictures at low light conditions. To get your pictures or video in focus all you have to do is tap the screen and it will autofocus. It also features digital zoom.

new camera features of iPhone 4

This time Apple has also been able to fit in a forward facing camera that can be used for video callling, or to take portrait photos of yourself.

It is also worth mentioning that the new cameras will allow you to shoot video in HD quality 720p, which combined with the new iMovie program on the iPhone 4 will allow you to shoot and edit great video as well (the great factor of course depending on your own video shooting skills!).

Apple A4 chip and improved battery life

Like the Apple iPad the new iPhone 4 has received the Apple A4 chip, which not only makes processing faster and graphics smoother, but also helps save battery life by allowing more data to be processed more efficient within the same chip.

With the iPhone 4 Apple advises the following battery life depending on use:

  • Talk over 3G – 7 hours
  • Browsing over 3G – 6 hours
  • Wi-fi browsing – 10 hours
  • Video – 10 hours
  • Music – 40 hours
  • Standby – 300 hours

Improved battery life on the iPhone 4 is definitely going to make a lot of iPhone owners looking to upgrade happy.

The gyroscope

The iPhone 4 has also received a built in gyroscope allowing the devive to track movement with a very high precision. The gyroscope will track motion across 3 axis, which combined with the accelerometer means that you have 6-axis motion sensing for improved gaming amongst other.

Two mics for better noise cancelling

The iPhone 4 has also received an extra mic at the top which will help provide better noice cancellation. For those of you that already own an iPhone, this is good news as noise has been known to be an issue.

iOS 4 – the next generation iPhone OS

Now the iPhone OS 4 was announced a few months back, but has now been renamed as iOS 4.

Allthough most of the features of the iOS 4 has already been known for  a while, such as multitasking, ibooks, and app folders, there were a few surprises as well. Most of the new features with the iOS 4 for the iPhone 4 is related to use of the camera, such as FaceTime for video calling and iMovies for video editing.

FaceTime is the native app for video calling, allowing you to easily make iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-fi video calls across the globe. Easy tap functionality means you can easily switch between which camera to use for the video calling as well. Apple has also said that they are working on making video calling available over 3g network, and that FaceTime is open so in the future video calling does not have to be only between iPhones.

The new iMovie for iPhone 4 is a video editing tool that will go well with the improved camera of the iPhone 4, allowing you to edit video clips, add a soundtrack, or add built in effects before exporting the final video in 360p, 520p, or 720p high definition.

Price and release date iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 will be available in black and white in the US, Japan, France, Germany, and the UK from the 24th June, with pre-ordering starting from 15th June.

In the US the price point is as follows:

  • 16 gb iPhone 4 – $199
  • 32gb iPhone 4 – $299

No official price information has so far come from any of the UK networks selling the iPhone, so we will come back with further information on this.


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