iPhone 4 64GB – is that what is next for the iPhone?

Latest from the world of the Apple iPhone is that a 64gb iPhone 4 prototype has surfaced in China, no surprise really as it has become a hotspot for Apple rumors and leaks. It is China focused technology blog M.I.C Gadgets that first reported on the 64gb iPhone 4, which may or may not be the real thing.

Leaked possible iPhone 4 64gb prototype

With the current iPhone 4 only available in 16gb and 32gb it is believed that this rumored iPhone 4 prototype has leaked from manufacturing partner Foxconn. Macrumors have had a closer look at the photos and the serial number, and concluded that if it is real it is likely to have been produced in early 2010, leading to speculations that Apple was considering bringing a 64gb iPhone 4 already last year, but for some reason might have axed the idea.

With the iPod Touch 4 being available in 64gb it is perhaps no surprise that Apple if they wanted to could have placed more memory in the iPhone 4 already last year, but perhaps due to price decided against it in favor of delivering it when launching the new iPhone 5 later this year.

For now we can just file this one together with all the other rumors and speculations that always seem to follow Apple and their products, without necessarily being any closer to understanding what Apple will bring in the upcoming iPhone 5.

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