iPhone 3GS next upgrade victim – axed from iOS 5

Potential bad news for all iPhone 3GS owners out there who want to stay with their current handset, it looks like iOS 5 will be kept away from your device.

According to a tweet from Russian Mobile Review editor Eldar Murtazin, the iPhone 3GS will be excluded from iOS 5, thereby keeping the Apple iPhone upgrade cycle going. At the moment this in as unconfirmed rumor, but if we look back in history this has been a way that Apple has used to make their customers upgrade to the latest models of their hardware.

Knowing some of the new features expected from the iOS 5 it is likely that a lot of current iPhone 3GS owners will be interested in updating their hardware to take advantage of the latest functionality in the next generation iOS.

It is expected that Apple will give the world a sneak preview of iOS 5 at the developers conference starting on the 6th June, and that it will then become available as a beta for developers. A public release of iOS 5 is likely to be towards the second half of the year, perhaps around September when the rumor is that the iPhone 5 will be released as well.

[source: macstories]


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