iPhone 3GS Technical specifications

It is a week since Apple announced the new upgraded iPhone 3GS (Speed) at the WWDC conference in San Francisco, sparking what has become a week full of discussions as well as some anger from existing iPhone 3G customers following upgrading issues within mobile contract periods. In the week that has passed, more information has also come through on the technical specifications of the iPhone 3GS.

Although we immediately got information that the new iPhone 3GS would feature upgraded memory to 32gb, as well as improved processing and connectivity speed for improved processes and gaming etc. there was little information about the actual technical specs that would improve this iPhone 3G compared to the original one, to validate the S (Speed) to put it like that.

Thanks to some information from T-Mobile Netherlands there are now some more information about the technical specs of the iPhone 3GS:

  • Faster 600MHz processor compared to the previous 412MHz and 532MHz.
  • Double the amount of RAM to 256MB compared to the old 128MB.

There is also information that the iPhone 3GS features the new PowerVR SGX GPU which has support for OpenGL ES 2.0, but not confirmed yet.


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2 Responses to "iPhone 3GS Technical specifications"

  1. Jamey Burlew says:

    I’ve never been an Apple fan but I’d like to buy the new iphone 4g and I was wondering if the calls actually drop more than before or not. Many thanks. Sorry if it’s a bit off topic :P

  2. Mr. Jerry says:

    it’s Iphone 4 now.

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