iPhone 3GS review

After waiting for the iPhone 3GS to be launched for about 5 months, following every rumor and update on its progress, it took me a week to shell out the money and change mobile network provider to secure my 32GB iPhone 3GS – and i have never looked back since then.

The iPhone 3GS might have delivered slightly less than expected when launched, but in my view it is still worth every penny, and the best gadget with phone capabilities out there. I choose to refer to the iPhone as a gadget or a multimedia device, as it is so much more than an phone. To be honest i probably use my iPhone more for other things than actually making phone calls. The phone functionality is an important part of the iPhone, but it is the many other features that makes the iPhone unique.

The new iPhone 3GS

You can’t get around the fact that the design and looks of the iPhone is an important element to its success. Combine the intelligent design with a great user interface, and throw in a large dash of great functionality, and voila, you have a device that is forward thinking and revolutionary. The iPhone has changed the mobile phone market since it was first launched, and is at this moment changing consumer behaviour across the globe – a true tech revolution in the mobile industry.

Now i’m not too much of an iPhone evangelist to not admit that it still has it flaws, especially concerning battery life, but the opportunities far outweigh the dissadvantages. The iPhone 3GS have brought some important upgrades and few features to the iPhone compared to its predecessor. Apple has improved the processing speed of the iPhone 3GS, making it twice as fast as the iPhone 3G, and they have added an improved camera with video functionality. The video functionality is actually quiet good, at least getting close to 30 frames per second. The iPhone 3GS also features improved data speeds, up to 7.2Mbps, a good improvement on the iPhone 3G, and another reason why the upgrade is worth it.

The real advantage of owning an iPhone though lies it what is available outside of the phone itself, in the iTunes App Store. There are over 85,000 reasons there to get an iPhone (perhaps a few less given that there are some crap apps as well), and it increases every day with more and more quality applications to improve and entertain your life.

Price & availability

You can compare prices from UK networks on the iPhone 3GS 8gb here.

[showphones handsetid =’Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB’]

or go directly to one of the UK networks carrying the iPhone 3GS.

O2 Orange Vodafone T-Mobile Three
Carphone Warehouse Dial a Phone Phones 4 U

With the iPhone 3GS likely on the way out of production you might want to consider the iPhone 4 instead.


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