Price slash on iPhone 3GS has started ahead of new iPhone 4 HD

The first reports are now starting to come in about retailers slashing prices on the current iPhone 3GS ahead of the expected launch of the 4th generation iPhone 4 this June, with CNN reporting that US retail giant Wal-Mart have reduced the price of the 16gb iPhone 3GS to a low $79.

The news that a retail giant like Wal-Mart is slashing the price on the current iPhone model, likely on the request of Apple, is part of a string of news, which also includes a stop in shipping of new iPhone 3G handsets to AT&T stores in the US.

Clearing stock of old iPhone models was to be expected in advance of the new iPhone 4, or iPhone HD as it has also been referred as, and is just another confirmation that the next generation iPhone is likely to be announced as Steve Jobs takes the stage for the keynote speak at the WWDC 2010 in San Francisco on June the 7th. The fact that Steve Jobs himself is to hold the keynote speak is another sign that Apple is preparing a big launch.

The earlier price for the iPhone 3GS at Wal-Mart was $199.

So far there are no reports from any of the UK retailers of price cut, but we would expect them to start surfacing shortly as the UK is usually not far behind the US when it comes to market reactions. We will come back with UK price cuts on iPhone 3GS as and when they are announced.


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