iPhone overheating reports could be linked to battery

Over the last few days several sources online, including complaints surfacing on Apple’s discussion boards, have been reporting of the new iPhone 3GS overheating to the point that the iPhone gets too hot to handle, and for the white ones, discoloring are reported.

The inquirer are reporting that apparently the overheating issue could be related to faulty battery cells, and that it could result in massive recalls of iPhone 3GS units. However at this point these are all speculations as i am sure that more reports will surface over the coming days and weeks outlining more scientifically what the issue is. Should it be faulty battery cells, i’m sure Apple will deal with it promptly and replace the units affected.

In the mean time there are several things you can do to limit the strain on the battery of your iPhone 3GS, things that you probably want to consider whether there is an issue with battery overheating or not (Cnet).

  1. Reset iPhone – can fix problems with faulty battery indicator and and end applications that are consuming too much of the battery.
  2.  Restore to original settings
  3. Drain the battery completely -  now this is recommended to do occassionally anyway to ensure battery life remains strong over time.
  4. Lock your iPhone when not in use
  5. Close down applications that keeps the display from dimming or shutting off
  6. Push notifications of emails -   change to manual fetch
  7. Use airplane mode when doing things that does not require the phone – i know, might as well get an iPod Touch then!
  8. Turn off wifi or bluetooth
  9. Turn off 3G when not needed
  10. Adjust brightness of screen
  11. Turn off the equalizer

Although many of these are good hints and tips as to preserve your iPhone battery, they are functionality that is there to be used and part of the reason why we all have bought the iPhone, so lets hope that these reports are just “unlucky” customers and not the norm, in which case Apple need to deal with the problem straight away.


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