iPhone 3GS on 3 network – coming in 2010

With Orange and Vodafone already announced to start selling the iPhone 3GS in the UK in the coming months, the 3 network has now also jumped into the fight to start selling the iPhone 3GS in the UK.

According to a recent article in the Guardian talking about the iPhone 3GS on Orange from 10th November, the 3 network is also expecting to start selling the iPhone in 2010. Their chief executive announced at a recent event that he hopes to stock the iPhone 3GS sometime in 2010, making them the fourth network to sell the iPhone in the UK.

Now that the market has opened up for the iPhone in the UK we might actually see that more and more networks will start to sell the iPhone and other smartphones, as exclusive deals are very rarely in the best interest of the consumer.

We will keep following this news and report on any developments in the iPhone coming to 3.


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