Will US demand for iPad 2 lead to delays in international launch?

With the launch of the Apple iPad 2 being such a roaring success in the US and rumored sell-out stateside, many are starting to question the 25th march international release date, fearing new iPad delays.

Apple iPad 2

Pocket-lint amongst others are reporting of stores selling out of the iPad 2 in the US, and reports of customers being told that there will be 4-5 weeks wait for delivery of their online orders, raising fears that Apple might delay the international launch. So far thought there is no word  from Apple of expected delays in international launch, except for in Japan, where the delay is down to the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

We saw similar situations last year when they launched the original iPad, where the immediate success in the US led to delays in the international launch due to supply not keeping up with demand.

Given that we are getting close and there is still no word from Apple about any delays, a more likely scenario is perhaps that stock will be fairly low at launch date.

So far there is no word from Apple about production shortage on the iPad 2 following the Japan crisis either, so for now we just have to sit tight and wait it out. Should there be a short delay in international launch, lets just keep it in perspective. What is a few more weeks of wait for a gadget in light of what the people of Japan and Libya are currently facing.


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