iPad kitchen accessories: get the most out of your iPad in the kitchen

You might think that your iPad is too fragile to have lying around in the kitchen while you are cooking or baking, potentially missing out on some of the great apps, how to videos etc that could be useful to improve your culinary skills. Don’t worry, there are some useful kitchen accessories available for the iPad to help you take better advantage of its features.

Belkin Chef stand and stylus

Belkin Chef stand & stylus wand iPad kitchen accessories

You don’t want to have your iPad 2 lying around on the surface while you are cooking away in the kitchen or perhaps kneading some dough, risking covering the screen with flour or even worse, spilling liquids on it. In comes the Belkin Chef stand and stylus, allowing you to both get your iPad off the surface as well as controlling it without placing your sticky fingers on the screen.

The handy chrome finished stand is washable and with two different view settings to make it easy to view your favourite recipe or follow a tutorial online on how to bake cinnamon scones. With the addition of the stylus wand you can flick, tap and use the iPad screen as you would using your finger.

The Belkin Chef Stand & Wand is available from £23 at amongst other Amazon UK and Pixmania.

Belkin Kitchen cabinet mount

Belkin iPad kitchen cabinet mount

The second Belkin iPad accessory that is made for use in the kitchen is the cabinet mount, allowing you to get your device completely off the work surface altogether, while still having it easy available in eyesight to look this up etc. The Belkin iPad cabinet mount is easy to mount on to your kitchen cabinet and when not in use it folds up to store away in your kitchen drawer.

It is available from amongst other Apple online and Amazon UK starting at £30.

Griffin cabinet  mount

Griffin cabinet mount for iPad

Griffin has also provided a good cabinet mount solution. Simply secure the cabinet mount to the side, front, or underneath a compatible kitchen cabinet. The iPad snaps in place inside the mounts brackets for a secure fit. The great thing about the Griffin cabinet mount is that it can swivel to adjust your viewing angle, and it rotates 360-degrees.

The Griffin iPad Cabinet Mount is available from amongst other Amazon UK at around £64.

The iPad Chef Sleeve

The Chef Sleeve for the iPad

So far i have shown you alternatives to help get your iPad away from the mess but still giving you a good viewing angle and access to the screen. If you want even further protection, then consider getting the Chef Sleeve, a plastic sleeve that you just slide your iPad into, peel off the re-sealable strip to close, and voila! your iPad is protected from any mess you might make while cooking. After use you can either dispose or recycle the sleeve depending on how messy you have been.

You can find out more about the Chef Sleeve here, including international orders for the UK.

iLuv iPad stereo dock: for the less messy ones

There is a large variety of iPad speaker docks that are perfect for the kitchen and will allow you to have chef audio commentary in stereo, or to listen to music while you are cooking, including the iLuv IMM514 Stereo Docking Speaker.

iLuv IMM514 Ipad speaker dock

This one is not necessarily a good option for the messy chefs amongst us, as the speaker dock itself will have to stand on a work surface. What is especially good about the iLuv IMM514 however is that the arm allows for adjusting viewing angles as well as portrait/landscape mode. The other bonus of course with this one is that you can really rock out to music while cooking. It might get messy, but hey, that is rock’n roll right?!

You can get the iLuv IMM514 iPad speaker dock from amongst other Amazon UK at around £100.

If you have come across any other great new iPad accessories for use in the kitchen, please leave a comment below to share with our other readers.


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