Apple iPad Apps now in iTunes App Store

Apple iPad Applications have now started to appear in the iTunes App Store as the US awaits the official sales day for the Apple iPad this Saturday, while the UK will have to wait another few weeks before the iPad becomes available.

For now there are no big promotions or specific iPad category pages in the iTunes App Store, but when searching for apps you can find apps filtered by Apple iPad specific apps, such as the example below on a search i just did for basketball apps.

Apple iPad Apps appearing in iTunes App Store

Mashable have already created a list of the top ten iPad apps they can’t wait to start playing around with, which includes Twitterific, and the latest app from Smule, the people that brought us Ocarnia and Leaf Trombone, called Magic Piano.

Magic Piano is built exlusively for the Apple iPad, inspired by the world renowned pianist Lang Lang, allowing you to play timeless pieces of music on a spiral and circular keyboard by following a beam of light, making it accessible for anyone with a bit of imagination. One of the great things about the Magic Piano App is that you can either play on your own, or you can play together with other Magic Pianists from around the world.

Magic Piano app for Apple iPad from Smule

There is definitely a buzz about the application possibilities of the Apple iPad ahead of the official launch, and like everyone else, we look forward to getting a chance to test out some of these apps on the Apple iPad in the near future.


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