iPad 5 – latest news and rumours round-up

Update! Apple announces new iPad Air

Instead of naming the 5th generation of their original tablet the iPad 5, Apple was so happy with the slimness and light weight of their new 9.7-inch tablet that they have named it iPad Air instead. Read more about the iPad Air.

It’s that time of the year again, you know, when Apple is preparing their Christmas shopping assault with a new range of iPad devices. With news that they are holding an event on the 22nd October, we should expect to see the new iPad 5 shortly.

Leaked image iPad 5 space grey

iPad 5 release date

Like mentioned above, Apple is preparing for the likley launch of the new iPad range on the 22nd October, which should include the iPad 5 as well as the new iPad Mini 2 with Retina display. In terms of sales date, we would expect it to become available a week or two after the announcement.

iPad 5 likely features

In terms of features and design, based on early leaks we should be looking at an iPad 5 that has a design that is more similar to the iPad Mini. That will include a device that is thinner than the current iPad 4, and likely to come with the same color options as we currently see with the iPhone 5S, including gold, silver, and space grey.

Besides the design changes, expect to see a device that features the latest A7 chip for faster performance and improved graphics. We are also expecting the camera of the new iPad 5 to match that of the iPhone 5S, including the new dual LED flash feature. We would also be surprised if it comes without the new Touch iD fingerprint sensor, as that seems to be how Apple will deal with a lot of interesting payment services going forward.

More! iPad Mini 2 Retina news and rumours

Latest news

iPad trade-in program comes to UK Apple retail stores

About a month after Apple announced their iPad trade-in program for retail stores in the US and Canada it looks like the program has found its way across the pond to Europe, including us here in the UK. According to the information you should now be able to trade in your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini at Apple stores in exchange for a newer model iOS device.

Review Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

While I’m yet to test some of the biggest rivals for the Belkin QODE Ultimate, I’m very happy with this one. As someone that does a lot of typing, having a physical keyboard with the iPad Air just allows me to travel a lot lighter, not having to bring both a macbook and the iPad when out and about. Good functionality, splim profile, responsive keyboard, and great battery life (used for a month and yet to charge) makes the Belkin QODE Ultimate for iPad Air a winner in my book.

Is there an iPad Pro with 4k screen in the pipeline?

iPad Pro concept

Somehow it does not come as a surprise that Apple might be working on a Pro version of the iPad, just like they have done with the MacBook range. The latest rumours are that Apple is testing different screen technologies to go with the IPad Pro, including so a called 4k screens with a resolution around 3840×2160.

iPad Mini Retina goes on sale in UK

New iPad Mini with Retina display

The fireworks might have been left for later, but this morning Apple started selling the new iPad Mini Retina through their stores and online here in the UK. It is expected that the iPad Mini Retina will be a big seller this Christmas, so it could be a good idea to get your orders in early.

iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini – Highlights from Apple 22nd October event

New new iPad line up

Apple has concluded quite the busy keynote tonight, an event that included plenty of information about the latest Maverick OS update, new iLife and iWork apps, new Macbook Pros, and the impressive Mac Pro. But stealing the show was the new iPad Air (5th generation iPad), followed by the new Retina iPad Mini.

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