iPad 3S is the new iPad 3 [prediction]

With just days to go before Apple is set to announce the iPad 3 the big question on journalists mind seem to have moved from what features the next generation iPad will have, to what its likely name would be. It seems like iPad HD is gaining some momentum, as Apple might be looking to change the naming structure as they move to a higher definition Retina display for the iPad, but I have my own prediction as you will see below.

Meet the iPad 3S

There is nothing new when it comes to speculations around features and name for the iPad 3, as The Verge started speculating around the iPad HD name for the next generation iPad with Retina display already back in summer of 2011. When Tim Cook takes the stage on Wednesday 7th March in San Francisco to announce the new device, delivering anything other than a Retina quality display will come as a huge disappointment for the tech media, and a large proportion of Apple fanboys out there. At this stage I believe we are all taking is as granted that the new High Def display will be the key new feature in what might be called the iPad HD.

So far Apple has largely stuck with the numbering sequal for their mobile devices, so breaking away from that, renaming the third generation iPad to iPad HD will also have longer term naming consequences. If they choose to name the first iPad with Retina display as iPad HD, what will they call the fourth generation iPad that will have the same display but even better technical specifications? Not that i think Apple will have an issue with finding a new name once a year to append to the iPad, it is worth considering. Perhaps this third generation will be known as iPad 3 HD, or here is another predicition… Meet the iPad 3S.

The iPad 3S will not only feature a high quality Retina display, improved processor and graphics, better battery life, but also come with Siri voice assistant. Apple named the current iPhone 4S by its new USP, so why not do the same with the iPad 3? And it does not break with the numbering sequence of model releases.

What Apple will go with in the end we will just have to wait until Wednesday to find out. In the mean time, let us know what you would like it to be called by taking our little poll below.

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