On to the next one – the resurrection of the iPad Mini/iPad 3

With Apple just recently hinting at a March 2nd launch event for the 2nd generation iPad 2 following months of discussions around what the features might be, ranging from the obscure to the very likely, we are now already starting to see the rumors resurfacing around a smaller 6-inch screen iPad 3.

Is Apple planning a 6-inch iOS device?

The base of the rumors around the Apple iPad 3 this time stems from an Appleinsider talk with Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo where he is referring to Apple plans of bringing a Retina-like quality display with a 2048×1536 screen resolution to the iPad, but that due to limited manufacturing yield rates the screens did not arrive in time for the iPad 2.

Interesting it also looks like the display size will remain a 9.3-inch but will receive the improved resolution, but perhaps supported by a smaller 6-inch iPad 3 as well, which has earlier been referred to as the iPad Mini, a potential replacement for the iPod Touch.

The basis for the refreshed iPad Mini rumors  is Kuo referring to an undergoing evaluation of a new iOS device that Apple is looking at bringing out around September 2011, the time when they usually refresh their iPod line up. The screen size of that device is rumored to be between the current iPad models and the iPod Touch, meaning a likely 6-inch device.

Now Apple has always maintained that you can not have a good tablet experience on a device that is between 5-7 inches, but at the same time the market is showing interest in some of the larger screen Android phones, perhaps targeting the younger and older market, as well as those that might trouble with their vision.

Whether the rumors around a potential 6-inch iOS device is a smaller iPad Mini, or an oversized iPod Touch alongside the 5th generation iPod Touch 5, or even a Super iPhone, we don’t know. At the moment these are just rumors, although some of them are well qualified rumors as Kuo has been correct in his predictions several times before.

We will be back with more analysis and insight into these rumors so keep checking back.


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