Apple iPad 2 event – Thinner iPad 2 announced with A5 chip available in UK on 25th March

Apple and Steve Jobs have just announced the iPad 2 which has been slimmed down to 1/3 of the thickness, weighs only 1.3 pounds, and with the A5 processor is 2x faster with 9x faster graphics. The iPad will keep the original price and be available in the US on 11th march and UK on 25th march.

You can read a breakdown of features and our initial thoughts around the Apple iPad 2 here.

Latest iPad 2 live update

19:05 – Steve Jobs is back on stage now recapping the iPad 2 event and rounding the event off.

18:50 – next native app to be demoed for the iPad 2 is Garage Band.

18:45 – they are demoing one of Apple’s own apps for the iPad now; iMovie for video editing and it looks really cool.

18:40 – The iOS 4.3 will be released and free for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th gen) on the 11th march

18:39 – With the new front facing camera we also get Facetime for the iPad. You can now have a three way conversion with yourself between your iPad, iPhone, and your Mac!

18:38 – Photobooth comes to the iPad and iPhone through iOS 4.3. Funny images are being displayed on the screen.

18:35 – On to the iOS 4.3 now with improved Safari performance, twice as fast Java, and iTunes home sharing.  There are also new AirPlay features, including sharing photos with photo transitions, and apps and websites can send video. So far most of the stuff around the iOS 4.3 deals with features already covered off in earlier iOS 4.3 beta releases.

18:30 – Steve presents a fancy screen cover that also doubles as a stand. It automatically also cleans the screen, made out of the same material as the space suits! It also comes in several colors. They are not free though as the cheapest one will cost you an additional $39

18:29 – HDMI mirrored video output through a cable accessory.

18:27 – The iPad 2 becomes available to customers already on 11th March in the US and on the 25th March in the UK and several other European countries

18:26 – The battery life is staying the same, and so is the price, starting at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version.

18:24: It supports both AT&T and Verizon live from day one.

18:23 – Breaking news! The iPad 2 will also come in white!!

18:22 – They have been able to reduce the thickness by 1/3, making the iPad 2 thinner than the iPhone. This has resulted in it now weighting in at 1.3 pounds.

18:21 – They have also added both front and rear cameras, and added a gyroscope.

18:20 – An all new design and featuring the A5 chip making it twice as fast and 9x faster graphics.

18:19 – Finally the conversation goes over to the iPad 2.

18:18 – So far it has been an iPad love fest.

18:14 – Apple refers to the iPad as a “post-PC device”.

18:11 – There are 65,000 iPad only apps in the iTunes App Store.

18:09 – Apple sold over 15 million iPads in 2010, generating around 9.5 billion in revenue for Apple, and a 90% marketshare in the tablet market.

18:06 – Apple recently shipped their 100,000,000 iPhone… wow!

18:05 – Apple now has over 200 million accounts with credit cards attached. Talk about a gold mine!

18:03 – Starting off with a few announcements, such as iBooks with 100 million downloaded books and Random House bringing their 17,000 books to the store.

18:02 – Steve Jobs takes the stage, receiving roaring cheers.

18:00 – It’s about to start now at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

15:10 – Your Daily Apple reports that German Amazon website for a brief moment had the iPad 2 listed on their site at 499 euros, featuring 1.2 GHz processor, and that it will ship on the 17th March.

15:00 – The Apple Store online is taken down as they are “busy updating the store”.

Pre-event information

Apple invites to iPad 2 launch 2nd March

As you can see from the invite image above it is not very well hidden that the event will be all about the iPad 2, with the strapline “Come see what 2011 will be the year of” – and the answer is clearly the Apple iPad 2.

There are no confirmation as of yet as to the features of the iPad 2 when it finally arrives Wednesday 2nd March, but the there have been plenty of rumors in the months leading up to this point, which you can read more about in our rumored iPad 2 features section.

Some of the key features expected, or should i say demanded, from the iPad 2 includes a front-facing camera for video conferencing, improved processor (dual-core?) and general improvements in performance to keep up with some of the later Anroid Tablet solutions announced during the recent MWC 2011. It is also expected to be slimmer and lighter.

Recent rum0rs around upgraded macbooks featuring facetime HD this year has also sparked discussions around facetime HD coming to iOS devices, but perhaps a bit too late for the iPad 2 if it is announced already on 2nd March.

We will be back with full information on Wednesday March 2.


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