iOS 5 update problems resulting in ‘internal error (3200)’ for many users

Apple made iOS 5 available to download for millions of iOS device owners just hours ago, and it looks like it has put a lot of pressure on their servers, resulting in many users reporting problems during the upgrade process/failed updates.

iOS 5 update errors

Most of the issues reported seem to relate to ‘Internal error (3200)’ which is a result of too much pressure on the Apple servers so they fail to verify the upgradation. Some are reporting going through the process up to 10 times before being able to get the upgrade to go through. I’m personally on the third attempt at the moment and still not sure if it is successful.

I’m sure there are many of you out there that have been stuck at your computers for hours now trying to get the iOS 5 update to install, getting past those pesky ‘3200 errors’ and there is a chance to you might be stuck for another few hours as well as it is expected that pressure on Apple servers will continue for some time to come. For those that are not too bothered about getting their hands in iOS 5 straight away, it could be an idea to wait a bit, perhaps until tomorrow, and then try again as demand should have eased a bit by then.

Looks like i will be sitting here a bit longer while i wait to see if i’m successful.

[source: Cultofmac]


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3 Responses to "iOS 5 update problems resulting in ‘internal error (3200)’ for many users"

  1. MIKE JONES says:


  2. mark h says:

    struggling with this for over 14 hours, tried 5 or 6 times & kept getting 3200 error warning, eventually my IPOD touch 4th gen allowed the IOS 5.0 update but didnt copy all my apps, videos & music (more than 5000). i have re-synced & tried to recover from my saved database but sadly still cannot recover my music/videos, i managed to copy my books & apps…….please help

    • Austin says:

      I hear ya, i had a lot of issues as well. but i finally got through after 8 or 9 times. but iv noticed that i have data called ” other” on my Iphone and its gradually increasing in size and cutting down my storage space. idk if you or anyone else you know is having this issue.. but if you are. and you may know why, could you please let me know how you are handling it. I am the owner of a race shop i started and im loosing my customers info cuss i cant synce my phone and its crashing a lot.. I hope you dont have this problem, and i hope no one else gets it either. but if you do have it, i understand a bit of how you feel. the Error messages of “3200” are just to many people trying to get the IOS5 at the same time.

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