iOS 5 – a new users first impression

I don’t know about the rest of you, but i spent a good few hours last night (UK) wrestling with the iOS 5 update, running into iOS 5 internal errors (3200) before finally getting through the hardworking Apple servers and the chance to finally start testing the new features of iOS 5 and setting up iCloud. These are my first impressions.

Step one after installing was of course going through the iCloud settings, making sure that i can automatically sync apps, photo stream, email etc. across compatible devices, all fairly self explanatory, and at that stage just a small step on the way to start playing with the new features.

Notification center

First up was the new notification center, accessed by swiping down from the top of any screen, giving you instant access to all notifications.

First impression new iOS 5 notification center

Configuring and setting up what to find in the notification center was done through Settings –> Notifications and going into the different apps that are listed in the notification center. The integration feels seamless so far and i look forward to see how it works as notifications start popping in more frequently.

Tap, flick and shoot – the new camera functionality

Next up, access to camera from locked screen and using the + volume button to take pictures.

First impression new camera functions in iOS 5

Double tapping on the home button from locked screen brings up the unlock screen, with the addition of the camera icon next to the unlock slider. Tap on the camera icon and you go straight into shoot mode. Using the + button to take a picture also worked out easy, and it will be interesting to see if it becomes to norm from now on. Apple has also made pinch-to-zoom available, which is great, and you can now also tap and hold on the screen to lock focus and exposure.

There are other new features to the camera app as well. You can for example swipe from left to right to see the recently taken pictures. Tap on one of the pictures and you get actions such as going to the camera roll as well as the normal sharing actions. Going back to the camera is as easy as tapping the symbol at the bottom left of the screen, or swipe back from the right.

Sharing on Twitter

One of the things that have annoyed me before is how complicated it sometimes could be to share a website, a photo etc. on Twitter. With the new Twitter integration you can share on Twitter as easy as sharing by email.

First impression of new Twitter integration in iOS 5

Even if you already have the official Twitter app installed and your Twitter accounts set up with the app, you might still have to set up your accounts in Settings –> Twitter to start sharing directly from apps like Safari, Maps, YouTube and Photos. Now if we could also get the same integration across other sharing platforms as well.

I will be updating this as i go along with more first impressions from other new features in iOS 5, including iMessage (first look is that it automatically knows when the recipient is an iOS device), the new reminders app (to-do lists), and Wi-Fi sync.


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