iOS 5 code hints at next generation iOS devices, but no iPod Touch 5

Sources at TUAW have been digging around in the iOS 5 code and have discovered a few interesting tidbits regarding what might be coming next from Apple in terms of iOS devices, including the lack of presence of the rumored iPod Touch 5.

iOS 5 announced at WWDCThe hints were found when inspecting the USB device files, something that in earlier iOS released have provided hints at current iPhone, iPad and iPod models as well, without always being hundred percent correct. The current codes, while lacking information on a future iPod Touch 5, does hint at two iPad 3 models as well as a pair of iPhone 5 models.

The references are as follows:

  • “iPad 3.1” and “iPad 3.2” – hinting at two new iPad models. Could this be that the iPad 3 will come in two different sizes, with a smaller model replacing the next generation iPod Touch.
  • “iPhone4.1” and “iPhone4.2” – representing the iPhone 5 that technically will be the 4th generation since Apple only started using the numbering with the iPhone 3G.

They further speculate in the lack of iPod Touch 5 code as an indication that Apple might be planning the release of the iPhone 5 in September instead, so postponing the iPod Touch release to make room for the iPhone 5. The alternatives are of course that these references can’t be trusted, or that as mentioned above, Apple is planning on replacing future iPod Touch models with a second iPad model.

Hopefully we will know a lot more come September when Apple usually holds their iPod event.

[source: TUAW]


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