iOS 4 new name for iPhone OS 4 – launching June 21st

As Apple today announced the new iPhone 4 they also revisited the progress of the iPhone OS 4, which has now changed name to iOS 4.

Apple already presented us with most of the iOS 4 features a few months back, including the big ones like multitasking and unified email inbox, so there was not that many suprises when it came to todays announcement. The iOS 4 is now a gold  master candidate, meaning it is close to launch ready, with the expected launch date internationally to be 21st June, a few days ahead of the expected release date for the iPhone 4.

Some of the new features that were announced today, among 1500 new features in the iOS 4 overall compared to previous OS (to be honest many of them are not visible or used by the average user), there were the video calling functionality called FaceTime and. FaceTime is the app that will allow you to use the iPhone 4 new camera to make video calls to other iPhone 4 users over Wi-fi. Yes, you read it right, for now it is only over Wi-fi and only to other iPhone 4 users.

Apple also announced that iOS 4 includes Bing search engine integration, but still leaving Google as the default search engine. Perhaps the latest news that Google is replacing Microsoft Windows based computers with Macs have put a small light back into their relationship. At least the user will now have a choice of which search engine they wishes to  use on their iPhone.

The iOS 4 will be made avaiable to iPhone and iPod Touch  owners on the 21st June, and this time it will be free for everyone (did you hear that iPod Touch owners). However not all features are supported on all devices. As we know from before, multitasking is not supported by the iPhone 3G, and the original iPod Touch has been completely left out from the upgrade to the iOS4.


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7 Responses to "iOS 4 new name for iPhone OS 4 – launching June 21st"

  1. Burton says:

    The iphone 4 is very very nice! I am planning to get myself 1! However according to the news the 1st batch preorder is sold out… how sad! :( What do you think about this latest iphone 4?

  2. Carry says:

    Seeing a more indepth look of an iPhone 4 past the glory and assumptions, people are now realizing that their new toy is turning out to be an awesome expensive paperweight. Failed calls are now occuring more frequently, it is unavoidably turning out to be a strange antenna issue straight from the designer, Apple. There was a class action lawsuit filed only 6 days after launch accusing Apple and AT&T on countless terms of actions.

  3. I would wait half a year or so before getting the iPhone 4, this should give them enough time to fix all the issues that have been surfacing.

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  5. I just purchase my iPhone a couple of weeks ago …and personally I love it. … I love it!

  6. Detailed post can i have your permision to translate into Dutch for our blogs viewers? Thanks

  7. admin says:

    Go for it but please provide a link back.

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