iOS 4.3 – the things that Apple forgot

It’s only a week ago that Apple finally released iOS 4.2 with AirPlay and AirPrint support, but rumours has it that they are already scheduled to released iOS 4.3 perhaps as early as mid-December (some speculate 13td December), although CultofMac reports that reliable sources believe it has been postponed until early 2011.

So why such a rush in releasing the next major upgrade to iOS?

News Corps iPad only newspaper – The Daily

It has been confirmed that News Corp is working on delivering an iPad only newspaper by the end of the year that will be based on a weekly subscription cost. This could of course be controlled in some ways through in-app payments, but it is more likely that Apple will launch an upgraded iOS 4.3 that will support iTunes subscription for apps.

This move has been heralded as the second coming of the newspaper industry, building further on News Corps and Rupert Murdoch’s mission to stop the free distribution of news stories and start monetizing digital content in other ways than just through advertising. So far there is little news about exactly what it will look like, but it is rumoured that access to The Daily will cost 99 cents per week. Whether or not it will be full international solution with tailored news to each region is still unknown.

It is expected that The Daily for iPad will be fully available in early January 2011.

Apple AirPlay issues

Apple AirPlay was one of the big news of the iOS 4.2, bringing wireless streaming of audio and video to compatible devices from your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes. Although there are very few compatible AirPlay speakers and other devices in the market yet, the first release in iOS 4.2 carries a few bugs with it.

Streaming to multiple devices

One of the features of Apple AirPlay was to be the ability to stream audio to multiple devices at the same time, allowing you to control sound in different rooms at once for example. Several people are reporting that this is currently not working correctly.

No AirPlay for videos you have shot yourself

Funnily enough it does not look like there is support for playing videos that you have recorded yourself and accessed through the camera roll. This can only be a glitch from Apple and sure to be fixed in iOS 4.3 (we hope).

No video AirPlay in Safari or third party apps

If you are accessing any video using the built in Safari browser or third party apps you can not send those videos to a compatible system using AirPlay, only the sound. Seems odd to allow sending the sound but not the video, so another issue we expect to be corrected. In fact, TiPb today announced that Steve Jobs had replied to a customer email saying that Apple plans to provide support for AirPlay video through Safari and third party apps in early 2011.

What else should be fixed in iOS 4.3?

The above are some of the issues in the iOS 4.2 that hopefully should be fixed in iOS 4.3, but what else would you like to see in the next iOS release? Let us know if you have experienced any problems following iOS 4.2 upgrade or if you have any good ideas as to what Apple should include in iOS 4.3 by leaving a comment below.


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4 Responses to "iOS 4.3 – the things that Apple forgot"

  1. Malcolm says:

    Add ability to have multiple signatures in email, one per email account!

  2. Retry4 says:

    Would like to see home screen wallpapers for older devices, I know it’s not going to happen, but I would like it. Also, it would be nice to have some performance improvements (like they did for the 3G with the 4.1).


  3. Diggler says:

    When setting appointments would like to allow the “private” function so when my iPhone syncs with the Exchange server, other people cannot read my private appointments

  4. Darkly says:

    Private function In email is a must.

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