Why the iOS 4.3 is right around the corner

If you are among the many that has been waiting anxiously for the release of iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad, then your wait might soon be over as the latest rumors indicate a launch by mid-february.

So, why are we likely to see the iOS 4.3 before mid-february? Well there are a few signs actually.

The Daily iPad news app

The much anticipated news app from NewsCorp was launched earlier this week, and according to the Daring Fireball blog this app requires use of Apple’s new in-app subscription system that will charge the reader $0.99 per week after the initial 2 week test run. Since this is an expected feature of iOS 4.3 we are likely to see it released by the 16th February.

3 beta versions released

We have seen 3 beta releases to developers so far of the iOS 4.3 so it is likely that most improvements have been looked into and fixed by now.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

This event is expected to see the release of and the latest news on coming phones and tablets running Android and other platforms, so for Apple to release their new iOS 4.3 around the same time will take some of the thunder and focus away from their competitors.

You can read more about the features of iOS 4.3 here from one of the earlier beta releases.

Macnotes.net is also speculating that the release of iOS 4.3 will be coordinated with the announcement of the Apple iPad 2, which earlier had an speculative announcement date of beginning of February.


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