Apple announces iOS 4.1 release and demos coming iOS 4.2

Apple has announced that the much awaited upgrade to the iPhone OS 4, the iOS 4.1, will be released to the public before mid September, and will include several bug fixes as well as some new features, such as the gamecenter app.

It was at the annual Apple Music event that Steve Jobs announced the release of iOS 4.1 to the public alongside a whole new iPod line up that includes a new touchscreen iPod Nano, and the much awaited iPod Touch 4.

So what can we expect from the upgraded iOS 4.1? Well to start with we can expect fixes for some of the many bugs that has been plaguing users since the launch if iOS 4, including the proximity sensor, bluetooth issues, and especially problems associated with running iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G. As for new features, there are a few that are worth looking at further.


This was one of the original features of iOS 4 that got left out just before it launched, but has now found its way into the iOS 4.1 release. It was demoed by Steve Jobs and a game producer on stage at the event and it brings a social aspect to gaming on the iOS platform, including ability to challenge friends in games, or to just take on random other users who are playing the same game.

iOS 4.1 brings gamecenter to iPhone and iPod Touch

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos

The HDR photo features is basically a way to improve the quality of the photos you take with your iPhone or iPod Touch 4. Instead of taking just one photo, it takes three using different exposure ranges. The three images are then combined into one, giving it the widest color and exposure range possible.

Improve photo quality with HDR feature in iOS 4.1

Other features and availability

Some of the other features of the new iOS 4.1 that was revelaed include HD video upload over Wi-Fi and TV show rentals.

Apple websites are currently saying that iOS 4.1 will be made available as a free download for iOS devices soon. At the event Apple mentioned release in week commencing 6th September, and historically we have usually seen a Wednesday release, so likely date would be 8th September.

iOS 4.2 in November – additional features

At the same time Steve Jobs took the opportunity to show off some of the other stuff that Apple has been working on for the next release, the iOS 4.2 which will be across all iOS devices, including the Apple iPad, and will bring a host of new and interesting features.

Airplay, which is an updated version of Apple’s Airtunes feature, allowing iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, to stream videos and photos between devices was one of the coming features of the iOS 4.2. Another features was wireless printing.

iOS 4.2 brings wireless printing

We will be back with full reviews of both the iOS 4.1 when released in the coming week, and the iOS 4.2 when released in November some time.


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