Insight into lack of redesigned iPhone 5 [rumor]

It was bound to happen and i’m surprised it took so many days, but now the speculations around why there was no redesigned iPhone 5 is starting to come out of the wood-work.

Apple iPhone 5 design mock up

We all wanted to believe that Apple would launch an new redesigned iPhone 5 alongside the iPhone 4S this fall, but as we know now that was not meant to be, and i’m not sure if it ever was. Although sources within Foxconn have told 9to5mac that the primary reason for the lack of iPhone 5 this time around was Siri and production delays, i still believe that the iPhone 5 was still set for next year, as the iPhone 4S just made more commercial sense at the moment.

The Foxconn sources say that due to issues with integrating Siri with iOS 5 the iPhone release date was also pushed back from the normal summer release to the October release of the iPhone 4S that has just taken place. Combine that with earlier rumors of production issues with the new teardrop iPhone 5 design, that resulted in the delay and instead the focus on the iPhone 4S as the main model for 2011.

Even though the arguments and logic is sound, i still believe that there was a lot more involved this decision. Who knows, we might see the now famous teardrop design iPhone 5 come next summer, that is if Apple goes back to the normal release schedule.


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