108 iPhone 4 sold every hour: Apple 4th Quarter sold 14.1 million iPhones

If you have ever worked at an ice cream stand in the summer, even selling 108 ice creams per hour can be tough task, imagine selling 108 iPhones every hour for a whole quarter. That is exactly what Apple has done in Q4 2010.

Apple delivered record results with profits soaring 70% to an impressive $4.31 billion, largely thanks to very impressive sales figures for the iPhone. In the 4th quarter of the year Apple sold an impressive 14.1 million units of their iPhone, a 91% growth compared to the same quarter a year ago.

The record sales figure for the iPhone 4 is actually 1 million units above the market expectation, helping the the value per diluted share jump to $4.64. For the coming quarter Apple is expecting sales to continue to be strong with a target per diluted share at $4.80, so expect more to come from Apple.

As for the Apple iPad; sales came in at 4.2 million units, which is about half a million below expectations. Apple blames this on issues with keeping up supply with demand, but we would not be surprised if it also had something to do with all the rumours about the 2nd generation Apple iPad being imminent. If many believe that an improved iPad with facetime and other improvements will be hitting the market early 2011 it will likely make a lot of consumers wait for another few months before purchasing.

As for the trusted Apple iPod range that saw a new generation being launched in September, sales came in at 9.05 million units, a drop of 11% compared to same quarter last year. This is however not unexpected considering the impact the iPhone and the iPad has had on the market.

Next quarter will cover off the important Christmas shopping so expect good things from Apple at their Q1 2011 presentation.


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2 Responses to "108 iPhone 4 sold every hour: Apple 4th Quarter sold 14.1 million iPhones"

  1. raven23 says:

    I don’t use the iphone much now, the ipad has taken it’s place.

  2. Matthew says:

    Your maths is way out. 14.1 million per quarter equals 108 phones per MINUTE, not HOUR!
    It is over 6000 per hour, or almost two every second.

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