iHome iW2 and iW3 AirPlay joins the flagship iW1

The iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker has been in the cards for a while now, with more information becoming available in the build up to CES 2011, but iHome also took the opportunity to announce two more AirPlay speakers; meet the iHome iW2 and iW3.

iHome launches iW1, iW2 and iW3 Airplay speakers

CES 2011 has been the time for several audio producers to launch their new AirPlay compatible speakers, including B&W with the Zeppelin Air and Klipsch with their Klipsch Gallery series Airplay speakers. As one of the leading providers of iPod speaker docks, iHome has with the launch of the iW1, iW2, and iW3 established themselves as perhaps the leading provider of mid-priced AirPlay speakers.

Both the iHome iW2 and iW3 builds further on the same style and design as the iW1, a very clean design which sports a black cloth front and side grilles in plastic and metal. The casing itself has been reduced to support smaller drivers, which includes two or four for the iW2 and four in the iW3. iW2 is sporting the same oval shape as the iW1 while the iW3 is taller and more square. Tweeters are firing forwards while bass drivers are firing to the sides according to information from iLounge.

Unlike the iHome iW1 these new Airplay speakers does not feature a rechargeable battery and is instead reliant on the wall power adaptors. The iW2 and iW3 also comes with Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet (which is unique to these two models), and USB connection in case you want to attach a physical docking station to the speakers. There is also a free downloadable app to use with the speakers.

While the iHome iW1 is expected to retail at around $300 (£225) when it comes to the market, the iW2 and iW3 are expected to be around the $200 (£150) mark, but we will be back with more accurate prices once they are made available.


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  1. Woldoney says:

    mY iW3 IN AirPlay has low volume. Only use the aux input. Bad choice for iPod or iPhone.

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