iHome iP90 – classic iPod/iPhone clock radio

iHome iP90 alarm speaker dock

The market for the iPod and iPhone clock radios is a big one, and one of the leading manufacturers and brands are iHome with their classic iHome iH5. Now they have released the next generation clock radio with a curvier design and a larger display with the iHome iP90 clock radio.

iHome iP90 iPod and iPhone clock radio

The iHome iP90 keeps true to the traditional design style of iHome products in general, with a slight retro-modern look, but compared to its predecessor it has a less “boxy” and curvy design, probably making it more attractive to the mainstream market. They have also given the iP90 a bigger and better display, highlighting the time and date in white on a blue background. Before you start worrying about the backlight being too bright and keeping you awake, it can be manually dimmed or turned completely off.

The control buttons are situated at the top of the iHome iP90 and they have made them backlit, making it far easier to see what you are doing when the alarm goes off in the morning and you are searching for that snooze button. The iPod docking station is compatible with all the latest models, including the iPhone 3GS.

The iHome iP90 does not come “app-enhanced” to use with the iHome sleep app, which is a feature seen with some of the new iHome Speaker dock range.

Price information

The iHome iP90 is available in the UK from amongts other:

Prices updated as per 25th May 2011.


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