iHome iP3 BZC – a speaker dock with punch


One of the leading docking station producers, iHome, has launched their latest iPod and iPhone docking station, the iHome iP3 BZC, a speaker dock that packs a mean punch.

iHome launches iP3BZC docking station

Unlike many other iPod and iPhone speaker docks in its price class, the iHome iP3 packs an impressive 50w of  class D amp power that drives a pair of 3.5″ coaxial neodymium speakers. This is a docking station for those that don’t have the money for any of the top end systems, like the Philips Fidelio DS9000 or similar, but still wants a system that can fill a room with quality sound and that deep bass that you will struggle to get out of other docking stations that lacks the necessary power.

The new iHome iP3 BZC relies on their Bongiovi Acoustics technology for sound adjustment, giving you an improved sound picture. The dock also comes with a built in EQ, AV output for transferring video and images to another device, such as a television, and a line-in jack so you can connect it to other sources of music than just the iPod or the iPhone.

Design of the new iHome iP3 is nice as well, and they have been clever in producing a dock that does not rely on adapters to accomodate the different types of iPod’s and iPhone’s. And yes, the iHome iP3 is fully compatible with all the latest iPod and iPhone models.

Price information

The iHome iP3 speaker dock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Compare with other leading iPod speaker docks.


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