iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock for iPad and iPhone

iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock

iHome is one of the leading providers in the speaker dock market, and one of the first to bring the latest technology, like Apple AirPlay with the iHome iW1 speaker, or like the iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock for Apple iPad.

The iHome iA100 is the flagship in terms of bedside speaker dock solutions, allowing you to dock your iPad as well as your iPhone or iPod, making it a truly multi-docking station. This table top sound system is not just a docking station though, as although you can dock your iOS device when you need to charge it you can also use the built in bluetooth to stream your music from your iOS device to the iHome iA100.

iHome iA100 bluetooth iPad dock

As a FM clock radio docking station, the iHome iA100 is one of the top models in its class, packed with some very strong features, including a fairly good sound from its 4 speakers that are configured in a compact stereo configuration, featuring the iHome Bongiovi Acoustics DPS. It is also app-enhanced that combined with the iHome+Sleep and the iHome+Radio app can deliver internet radio to the iA100, and loads of sleep-to and wake-to settings. The alarm functionality of the iHome iA100  features programmable snooze time, gradual wake and gradual sleep, and dual alarm that can use either iPad, iPhone, iPad, radio, or alarm tones.

Price information

iHome iA100 is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

iA100 is just one of a range of speaker docks from iHome, which also launched a range of new speaker docks for iPhone and iPad at CES2011, including some new Apple AirPlay speakers.


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  1. Rafeeg00 says:

    Only because of the reviews did I take the leap of faith and order this for my husband for Christmas. I ordered it to go along with the IPAD that was also his gift. The sound is outrageously great. The IPAD sits nicely on top. It was more than I wanted to spend, but the quality has made this decision a great one.

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