Protect your iPhone 4 with iFrogz cases: Review of Luxe Lean and Original

In my experience most iPhone 4 owners will own at least one protective case that they use with their phone, both to protect and to support with any signaling problems. Among the companies providing iPhone 4 cases are iFrogz, delivering a range of iPhone accessories and protective cases.

These days it seems you can buy iPhone 4 cases on every streetcorner, but quality does vary a lot. Over the last month or so i have had the pleasure of testing two iPhone 4 cases from iFrogz; the Luxe Lean and the Luxe Original.

iFrogz Luxe Original

The original Luxe iPhone 4 case from iFrogz provides you with a good level of protection, it is easy to fit onto the iPhone 4, and has a good grip in your hand.

This two component case has a nice velvety feel and is made from ultra-durable polycarbonate. The two part snap-on system comes in standard black, but the top and largest part of the case is also available in blue, iron, red, pink and teal.

As any quality iPhone 4 case the iFrogz Luxe Original provides easy access to all important areas of your iPhone 4, such as the camera, volume controls, on/off button, audiojack, and of course the 30-pin connector.

The iFrogz Luxe Original is available from Amazon UK from £12 (as per 16th December 2010) and in the US can be ordered from iFrogz website for $29.99.

iFrogz Luxe Original iPhone 4 case

iFrogx Luxe Lean

If you are among the many iPhone 4 owners that don’t like bulky cases making your iPhone bigger than it needs to be, then the iFrogz Luxe Lean could be a good alternative for you.

The Luxe Lean is like the other iFrogz cases made of super-durable polycarbonate, and comes with a nice metallic facade that has a smooth and velvety feel in your hand, making the grip comfortable and secure. Although this is a one piece case it is easy to clip onto your iPhone 4. I have to admit that the first couple of times it was a bit tricky taking the iPhone 4 out of the case again, but i soon got the hang of it.

The important thing is that it is a thin case that still provides you with good level of protection. Of course it is available in several color options as we all know that style is important as well.

iFrogz Luxe Lean is available from Amazon UK from £15 (as per 16th December 2010) and in the US from iFrogz website for $24.99.

iFrogz Luxe Lean iPhone 4 case


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  1. Damen00 says:

    Great product. Current price on amazon is good, considering this product is $50 in stores at the moment (Dec. 2009). The case does add a bit of bulk to the phone. Find a friend who has one to feel it and see if you can tolerate the increase in thickness and weight.

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