iFrogz Earpollution Reflex earbuds with mic for iPhone and iPod Touch

Over the last week or so i have been testing the new iFrogz Earpollution Reflex earbuds for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which similar to the original iPhone earbuds feature a mic and control on the cord, and is therefore a natural product to compare it against.

iFrogz reflex earbudsThe iFrogz Earpollution Reflex earbuds for the iPhone and iPod Touch look the part and in certain categories it delivers as well, especially in terms of fit, as their unique shape for in-ear comfort makes them very comfortable to wear. I tested them in different conditions, from sitting at a coffee shop doing some work to running and using them at the gym. Throughout all the activities they remained comfortably in the ears, something that i often find to be an issue with the original Apple earbuds.The iFrogz Reflex earbuds also comes with 3 different sizes of silicone earfit pieces to ensure a comfortable fit.

The fit and comfort factor is however the best feature of the iFrogz Reflex with mic, as personally i found the sound experience to be average when listening to music. Compared to some of my other earbuds i found the iFrogz to be too careful with the bass as well as the volume level, making the use in areas with a lot of outside noise, such as the gym, too limited as they did not effectively enough block out outside noise to allow for comfortable listening within the volume adjustments on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Some of the same problem was also experienced when talking on the phone using the cord microphone in noisy areas. I have to admit that i am yet to test any earplugs with mic that deliver a strong quality of sound and a good microphone for handsfree use of the iPhone, so i found the iFrogz to be in the same category as most other iPhone compatible earbuds with mic.

Compared with the original iPhone earbuds i found the controls on the mic cord unit to be less functional as i could not adjust the volume up and down. Otherwise the functionality was easy enough to use in terms of accepting calls as well as changing and pausing music while listening to the iPod.

Overall i was impressed with the comfort factor of the iFrogz Earpollution Reflex earbuds, but they fell a bit short when it came to quality of sound and user experience. Given the price point at only $29.99 they provide value for money, but you are likely to get even better value by adding some extra to your budget.

Price and availability

The iFrogz Earpolution Reflex are available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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