If only this was the coming iPad 3 [concept]

Speculating around coming iOS devices and their features is pretty much an industry in its own, and some take that speculation to the next level by creating some amazing concepts of what they would like it to look like and feature. Take for example the latest iPad concept below, which is perhaps more realistic as a 10th generation iPad than the coming iPad 3 (or whatever Apple decides to call the third generation iPad).

Amazing iPad 3 concept video from Aatma Studios

This iPad 3 concept comes courtesy of Aatma Studios, who have also earlier done some amazing concepts for the iPhone 5, turning into a massive YouTube hit. With their latest iPad concept they have created a device with edge-to-edge Retina display, and thanks to internal magnets and NFC technology allows for multiple iPads to be daisy chained together, potentially creating larger displays. Throw in some holographic displays and projected interactive controls, and you get a futuristic iPad that both looks great and has features that we can only dream of (and frankly not likely need at this point in time).

An edge-to-edge Retina display might be a possibility in future generation iPads, but i would not expect it for the coming iPad 3 Wednesday announcement. But, let’s at least enjoy seeing what it could be like in the video below.

[source: BGR]


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