iCloud goes live for developers + pricing announced

All developers out there can now access the iCloud.com website to see what it looks like and the features, and Apple has revealed the pricing structure for the iCloud, which seems fairly reasonable at first glance.


The login page for iCloud looks very sleek, just like you would expect from Apple, and once you are inside you can see that they are keeping with the app style icons for a familiar look and feel. Even the apps that are currently available will look familiar to everyone accustomed to using Mac OS. Here is one of a handful of videos uploaded by developers getting early access to the iCloud service.

In case you are wondering how much the service will cost you when it goes public, Apple has also announced their price structure. As mentioned when it was first announced everyone gets 5GB free storage, but depending on your media library that might not get you far, so you might need to top that up. That will cost you as follows per year:

  • Extra 10GB – $20
  • Extra 20GB – $40
  • Extra 50GB – $100 / £70 / €80

Looks like there is no discount per GB when buying the larger package either, but the pricing is still not bad compared with many other cloud storage services, but what a great way for Apple to boost their income even further simply by switching us from using our computer hard drives to having everything stored on their cloud servers.

You can find out more about the iCloud here, and i will be back with more information as the service moves from developers beta to live.


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