iBreath lands in UK turning iPod into breathalyzer

One of the hottest selling Christmas gadgets in the US this year has been the iBreath breatalyzer gadget for the iPod that claims to accurately measure your blood alcohol level, and now it is available in the UK as well.

iBreath breathalyzer image from Mail OnlineThe iBreath is a simple gadget that you plug into the dock plug on your iPod. It features a simple tube that you blow into for 5 seconds and will give you a reading within moments to tell you if you are above the legal alcohol limit or not.

Now i think we can all agree that one should not drink at all when driving, but around these Christmas times it is so easy to have a glas or two of wine while visiting friends and family, which is when the iBreath comes in handy by allowing you to check if you are above the limit before getting back into the car to drive home.

In the UK the legal limit for driving is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (BAC), which for the gadget translates into 0.08.

For some reason the gadget also features as a radio transmitter so you can play your iPod music in your car, of course after blowing the iBreath breathalyzer to ensure you are within the limit.

We have yet to find a UK retailer selling the iBreath breathalyzer, but as soon as we do we will come back with information on where to buy and at what price.


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2 Responses to "iBreath lands in UK turning iPod into breathalyzer"

  1. James Poole says:

    I got one of these the other day just because i thought they looked cool, not sure why it has a radio thingy though

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