iBend iPhone stand – thin and portable and works for its purpose

The iBend claims to be the thinnest iPhone stand on the market, making it easy to carry in your pocket or purse, and for that purpose it works and for that reason i can also recommend it.

The beauty of the iBend iPhone stand lies in its simplicity. It is not the most robust or adaptable iPhone stand in the marketplace, and if you plan to play with the iPhone while in its stand it is not very user friendly or robust. But if what you are after is something that will hold your iPhone on a table or any other flat surface, allowing you to watch a video or just kick back and enjoy your music, then the iBend does the trick.

iBend iPhone stand

The fact that the iBend easily fits in your wallet or purse makes it an interesting proposition. One can always ask the question of how many times one actually needs to have a display solution for ones iPhone, but having tested it on the train and on a flight, it is actually quite handy in terms of not having to hold the iPhone while watching a video.

As said, in terms of versatility it is limited, as the iBend is only useful for holding the iPhone on a flat surface, as it is literally a thin flexible sheet of plastic like material that bends to allow you to create a craddle like stand for your iPhone on landscape mode.

iBend for iPhone

At a price point of $4.99 for a set of two iBends you might ask yourself if you really need it, but then again, it is not more than many of those iPhone apps we are downloading and playing with only once. If you are amongst those that likes to kick back watching a video etc on your iPhone while travelling, or have your iPhone at the work desk listening to music from, then the iBend does the trick at lower cost than most other iPhone stands in the market.

Since its first launch, the iBend is now also available in more creative formats in terms of artwork on the surface of the iBend itself. It is also available in branded format for companies out there that want a new way to get their name out there. Perhaps a fun little giveaway as we are approaching the festive season. You can find out more by visiting myibend.com.


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  1. Sam says:

    I was always looking for a portable iPhone stand like this! Just ordered one on their website (great design by Joshua Davies).

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