iAd platform expected to take 21% of mobile ad market by year end

According to a new report it is expected that Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising platform will take up to 21% of the mobile ad market by years end. It is Bloomberg Businessweek that reports these mobile ad market predictions.

They expect the growth in marketshare for iAd to come on the expense of the likes of Google, which they also predict to end the year with a 21% mobile ad market share, down from 27% last year. It will be interesting to see if these predictions come through though following reports that Google’s Android mobile platform is growing faster than Apple.

To put it all into perspective, it is expected that the mobile advertising market will be worth nearly $500 million this year.

So what is Apple iAd? It is an in-app advertising platform offered to App Developers, allowing them to run advertising in their applications to earn extra money, especially useful for all those that offer their apps for free. The iAd platform uses HTML5 and can offer sophisticated interactivity and animation. Apple sells and host the ads, with revenue split 60/40 in favour of the developer.

With the growth of the number of iOS devices from Apple, including the iPhone, the new iPod Touch 4, and the Apple iPad, this could further boost the alredy deep pockets of Apple and their shareholders.


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