How would you like half a million songs no your ipod?

The latest techie news is that scientists at IBM have developed a new digital storage technology that would enable devices like the Apple ipod and other MP3 players etc. to store up to 500,000 songs, and it will cost less to produce!

The so called ‘racetrack‘ memory uses the spin of an electron to store data, and can operate faster than a regular hard drive. Just like flash memory it has no moving parts reducing the chances of mechanical issues, but unlike flash memory ‘racetrack’ allows you store information very quickly, and it does not have the wear out mechanism of the flash memory.

The scientists said that with this new type of memory, devices like the ipod would require much less energy to operate, allowing them to work for weeks on a single charge, and it will last for decades.

If you are looking at getting an Apple ipod we do not recommend waiting for this technology to become available as the scientists says it is still at an exploratory stage and that it might take up to 10 years before the technology is in the market. Perhaps you should check the price of ipod at current state first.


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