Dreaming of becoming iPhone App Millionaire? Help is out there

The iPhone application development market is currently one of the fastest growing markets in the tech industry and the world, which thanks to the iTunes App Store has also made access to the market easier for small time application developers dreaming to play with the big boys. There are thousands of us out there that are dreaming of creating that next big application to hit the million mark in terms of cash into the account.

Help for people with great iPhone App IdeasAlthought there are million of ideas out there, there is not necessarily millions of people with the skill set needed to develop those applications, or with the money to pay a development company to build it for them. Luckily there are more companies and people that are now starting to offer services to the growing masses of great iPhone application ideas, such as the App Incubator and iPhone Freelancer.

The App Incubator is exactly what it says, a place for people with ideas to come and pitch it to the right people that might be in a position to help them get their idea out into the iPhone application market. According to the Guardian UK the App Incubator have already received over 12,000 ideas from people dreaming of the iPhone millionaire legend. MEDL Mobile is the company behind the App Incubator, and if your idea is good enough they will help you develop and market it, for a fee of course. They will split any earnings with your 75-25 in their favour, after Apple has taken their share from the iTunes App Store marketplace that is. Still if your idea is good enough and the application delivers on the users needs, there is serious money to make even in that business model.

The people behind the iPhone Freelancer website also saw an opportunity to bring a service to a growing market of people in need to get in contact with iPhone developers for their idea, creating a marketplace for freelance developers and the people with good ideas to meet and develop great applications. Unlike the App Incubator this is a marketplace for freelancers, meaning that you have more freedom in terms of agreeing the business model of the partnership, whether you are looking to just hire a freelance developer to bring your idea to life, or perhaps looking for a freelancer that is willing to do some sort of partnership.

As the iPhone Application business model continues to evolve with in-app payments and upgrades, and the increased competition from big gaming developer companies lifting the quality of the applications, making it increasingly important for smaller developers to get stickyness from their applications to keep the user interested, these additional services for people with ideas can make the difference between success and failure, and the pursuit of the iPhone Application millions.

We are keen to hear from people that have tested these or other similar services to get their iPhone application ideas to market, so get in touch and share your experiences with the rest of the iPhone and iPod community.


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5 Responses to "Dreaming of becoming iPhone App Millionaire? Help is out there"

  1. The app incubator are developing my idea. Follow me on twitter @shoesmith81 Any press interest get in touch via my twitter account

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    They’re just fishing for ideas since they probably have none, and they keep 75% after apples 30% cut..so you end up with 17.5% gross profit before tax. If you have an idea and don’t know how to develop it, legally form a business partnership with someone who does and split it 50/50, you’ll make twice as much.

  3. Also check out http://www.phonefreelancer.com — its where I find most of my iphone development jobs. It connects entrepreneurs with developers, and its completely free!

  4. Gary Bosworth says:

    Got a brilliant idea for an app

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