Horizontal 51 – the iPod dock bookshelf that plays your favourite tunes

We have come across some unconventional iPod speaker docks over the years, but the Horizontal 51 is definitely among the more unusual ones. Imagine a single bookshelf that also allows you to dock your iPod or iPhone to play your favourite tunes – Horizontal 51 is perfect for the minimalists amongst us.

Horizontal 51 bookshelf iPod dock with speakers

The Horizontal 51 iPod dock looks very much like any other single bookshelf that you might find at Ikea or any other furniture shop, except for the fact that it features built in speakers and an iPod docking station. The shelf itself is thin, and without having had a chance to actually test it out, we would assume that the speakers are also fairly tiny, so perhaps not the system for the hifi buff amongst us.

Horizontal 51 bookshelf iPod dock with speakers

The frequency range of the Horizontal 51 iPod dock is 50-25,000hz with a power output of 2x25w. It features a 30 pin iPod dock as well as audio port, USB port, and outputs for composite video and audio – a feature rich bookshelf available in seven different colors measuring 1000 x 300 x 51 mm.

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